Our Team

Tony and Delia are experienced local physiotherapist’s working alongside in the Post arthroplasty clinic. They provide an independent, objective and a thorough assessment of the patient’s after joint replacements.

Patient’s after joint replacements are reviewed at 2 weeks to check their wounds. They are subsequently reassessed in the PAR (Post arthroplasty) clinic at 3 months, 1 year and 5 years by Tony or Delia and by Dr Mitra to ensure that the joint replacement is carefully monitored and functioning expectantly to ensure its long-term survival.

  • Michelle GreavesMichelle Greaves  Administrative Support Officer
  • Katie Warnock Katie Warnock   Administrative Support Officer
  • Bernadette Monier Bernadette Monier   Administrative Support Officer
  • Tony  PrichardTony Prichard  Physiotherapist.
    Post arthroplasty clinic
  • Delia CrabbeDelia Crabbe  Physiotherapist.
    Post arthroplasty clinic